FCorp - Randomizer


A software that can determine elements randomly


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FCorp – Randomizer is a tool that lets you extract elements totally randomly. Using FCorp – Randomizer you can study statistics, play with your friends, or make an informed decision, for example.

This software is able to randomly manage elements that include words, numbers, currency, cards, data, dates, times, or lists, among other options. FCorp – Randomizer lets you be sure that you are truly playing the game of chance that you are looking for. Throw a coin into the air, throw the dice, take a card from the deck or determine the position of a number of players in the easiest way and without tricking anyone.

The interface is super simple so anyone can use it. Each option gives you the number of possible results. In other words, you can throw several dice or take more than two cards from the deck, show a large amount of words, or try your luck with several dates and times. In order to start playing, all you have to do is to choose the start and end values.
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